Farval Falkenberg (2006)

Farval Falkenberg (2006) Free Movie

Genre: Drama

Director:Jesper Ganslandt
Stars: John Axel Eriksson Holger Eriksson David Johnson
Vote: 6.5
Quality: HD
Farval Falkenberg 2006 Five youngsters have grown to be men in Falkenberg This is the story of their last summer together in the little west coast town They are all different, with different views upon life and the future Life is over, yet just to start The adulthood is about to start, but are they ready Not all of them, and not all will reach there either A meditation about life, poetic, balanced, which will remind most of their own childhood and coming of age, and the melancholy of life changes, when you know theres no turning back A last farewell to a hometown, the little town by the sea