Graveyard of the Dead (2007)

Graveyard of the Dead (2007) Free Movie

Genre: Horror

Director:Vick Campbell
Stars: Albert Gammond Eloise McNought Thais Buforn Anthony Gummer
Vote: 2.9
Quality: SD
Graveyard of the Dead (2007) Buitrago, Soria in 1976. Jorge arrives in search of his sister, Miranda, and the people of the area warn him about the evil nature of the place. In the same place, in 1310, the templars are the masters of life and death, killing virgins in an attempt to fulfill their eternal life purposes. In 1976 again, Jorge finds Miranda, but she seems to have lost her mind, and she finally runs away. A few days before, Miranda, in her house, is sexually harassed by her father and mistreated by her authoritarian mother, until she locks off in her room.