Madrid, 1987 (2011)

Madrid, 1987 (2011) Free Movie

Genre: Drama

Director:David Trueba
Stars: Jose Sacristan Maria Valverde Ramon Fontsere Alberto Ferreiro
Vote: 6.3
Quality: SD
Madrid, 1987 (2011) Madrid, 1987 ...is a two-character story with a verbose discourse on writing, journalism, careerism, aging and politics. Shot mostly within a very constricted space, the story follows an older, celebrated journalist Miguel (José Sacristán) who meets the beautiful and coy journalism-student Angela (María Valverde) to give an interview - but becomes intent upon seducing her. They end up spending time in the most unusual manner ...discussing literature, prose and career trajectories ...gradually divulging little insights into their own selves as we start to understand the old journalist's cynicism and the young protégé's intentions.