Street Hunter (1990)

Street Hunter (1990) Free Movie

Genre: Action Drama

Director:John A Gallagher
Stars: Steve James Reb Brown John Leguizamo Valarie Pettiford
Vote: 5.6
Quality: SD
Street Hunter (1990) Ex-cop and Vietnam War veteran Logan Blade, who always wears a slick leather trench coat and an imposing cowboy hat, works as a New York bounty hunter, who along with his pet doberman catches dangerous criminals and delivers them to the police for a reward. His latest catch is young Angel, the leader of the Los Diablos gang. However, Angel's personal bodyguard and top mercenary, Col. Walsh, a Vietnam War vet suffering from delusions of grandeur who lost it and became a killing machine obsessed with famous conquerors from history, especially Alexander the Great and Napoleon, since he sees himself as one of them and Los Diablos as his future army, gets him out and kills a bunch of cops. Since one of the killed police officers was Logan's personal friend, Logan takes this personally and goes after Angel again. Los Diablos are expanding and their main enemy on the streets is the Italian mob outfit led by Don Mario Romano. In an attempt to make sure that he can get Angel alive, Logan tries to convince Don to avoid clashing with Angel until Logan's done, but Romano won't listen. Meanwhile, Walsh realizes that Logan is a worthy opponent who won't quit no matter what, so he decides to set a trap for both Logan and Don. He also sends a Los Diablos hit squad to take out Logan's girlfriend. Will Blade realize in time what's going on?