The Basement (2014)

The Basement (2014) Free Movie

Genre: Thriller

Director:Gary Voelker, Cynthia L Leon
Stars: Michael Joiner Chris Lythgoe Angie Scuderi Patrick Vann
Vote: 6.2
Quality: HD
The Basement (2014) Everyone has choices in this world. Choices are seeds that determine our destiny. - Imagine... Nine individuals: A Detective; a news reporter and her cameraman; two teenagers; a church secretary; a repressed businessman; a youth Pastor; and a Pastor's wife: Going about their lives when suddenly over a third of the earth's population disappears. Friends and loved-ones...gone. Then, through a series of "random" events, the nine find themselves taking refuge in the basement of a church. And as the world grows more violent and chaotic above, they try to make sense of what has happened. Will they find a way out through faith or remain trapped in fear?