The Return of Eliot Ness (1991)

The Return of Eliot Ness (1991) Free Movie

Genre: Crime Drama

Director:James A Contner
Stars: Robert Stack Jack Coleman Philip Bosco Anthony DeSando
Vote: 6.2
Quality: HD
The Return of Eliot Ness 1991 In 1947 when a cop whom Eliot Ness worked with when he was in Chicago is killed, he goes back to Chicago for the funeral When he arrives, theres a lot of talk that his friend was dirty which Ness doesnt believe He learns the mans own son also a cop thinks its true Ness was about to leave when he decides to stay and try and prove his friend is not dirty He starts by teaming up with the mans son and investigating the case his friend was working on when he was killed, which involves one of Capones associates