The Samaritan (2012)

The Samaritan (2012) Free Movie

Genre: Action Crime Drama

Director:David Weaver
Stars: Samuel L Jackson Luke Kirby Ruth Negga
Vote: 5.6
Quality: HD
The Samaritan (2012) After serving twenty-five years in the prison for the murder of his partner Eddy, the grifter Foley is released with the intention to live an honest life. He seeks his probation officer and finds a job in a construction site. But soon Eddy's son Ethan looks for him and offers a swindle to him, but Foley does not accept the proposal. Foley also meets the prostitute Iris and soon they have a relationship. But the Machievelian Ethan has a secret and uses it to blackmail Foley to accept his proposed confidence game to lure a dangerous kingpin.