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    Burning Ice (2017) Free Movie

    Genre: Crime Drama Mystery

    Stars: Hao Qin Jiajia Deng Lu Yao Xu Dai
    Vote: 7.9
    Quality: HDTV
    Burning Ice (2017) To protect his high-school crush, an average low-level office boy became the primary suspect in a homicide investigation. His ordinary life completely changed as he meets the pressure from both the police and local gang members. At the end, humanity is distorted by the survival instinct. After his wife and daughter disappeared, a former medical examiner spent 10 years searching for any trace of his family. Driven by desperation, he committed serial murder to find answer, even if it was more than he could bear. An irrational, dishonored policeman with a sharp mind was in exile. To return to the force, he must solve an unsolvable puzzle and make the sinners pay for their sins. However, he must find the prove when the truth was staring at him in the eye. Lies were covered up by bigger lies as crimes were hidden in bigger crimes. After darkness fell, the faintest light from human goodness was the only hope.