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  • S01-E06
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    No Offence (2015) Free Movie

    Genre: Comedy Crime Drama

    Director:Paul Abbott
    Stars: Joanna Scanlan Elaine Cassidy Alexandra Roach Will Mellor
    Vote: 8.0
    Quality: HDTV
    No Offence (2015) In the first series, D.I. Viv Deering is dynamic but blunt in leading a team of detectives at the fictional 'Manchester Metropolitan Police'. D.C. Dinah Kowalska misses out on a promotion to D.S. due to a mistake, but she proceeds to uncover a link between a murder, the body of a drowned woman, and the disappearance of a third girl. The team soon realise someone is killing girls with Down syndrome across Manchester, and, while negotiating different cases, they attempt to solve the case as more girls come into danger. The prime suspect is killed whilst fleeing arrest, but Dinah and Viv separately conclude that Viv's husband was also involved. Viv burns the evidence and plans to kill rather than arrest him, but he is killed by Cathy whilst she and Dinah are holding him at Viv's home. With Viv they cover up their involvement before reporting the killing. A group of big-hearted bobbies go above and beyond to bring down the criminal rabble in a crumbling cop-shop. It is a Herculean task, but there is a reason why this hotchpotch of committed cops are on this force and the frontline.