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    SciJinks TV series Free Movie

    Genre: Comedy

    Director: Johnny Galecki
    Stars: Johnny Galecki Jason Latimer Tamara Robertson
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    Quality: HDTV
    Johnny Galecki, best known for his portrayal of socially awkward physicist Leonard Hofstadter on `The Big Bang Theory', uses actual science to perform outrageous stunts and practical jokes as host of `SciJinks'. Joined by partners in `prankology' Tamara Robertson and Jason Latimer, Galecki draws from chemistry, physics, technology, engineering and more to test science on unsuspecting marks. The pranks not only contain mind-blowing experiments, but also a heaping dose of chaos, fun and humour. The goal, Galecki says, is to celebrate students who envision a career in a science field and inspire other youngsters to follow in their footsteps.